04th Sep2011

Where’s the beef?

by Jason

Before the van, the tv, the playlists, the horn that cock-a-doodle-doos, the most important part of any tailgate is the food.  As every Southerner knows, the tailgate with the best food wins.

The first year we had season tickets, I more or less put myself in charge of the majority of the food. I like finding new and tasty recipes, and adapting old favorites to deal with the challenges of cooking in a parking lot.  I’m not a hot dogs on the grill kind of slacker.   I’d like to think I was pretty successful that first year. I got a little tired towards the end of the season, but overall it was a solid performance.  There were definitely some favorites from that first season.  Some say it was the gyros with homemade tzatziki for the Ole Miss game.  Others vote for the fajitas bar from Kentucky.  Jason probably would say his favorite was my adaptation of The Marlboro Man Sandwich.  Don’t worry.  Those old favorites aren’t going anywhere.

But I’d like to branch out a little, and not just in the figurative way. Now that we’re not in the Fairgrounds anymore, I’m going to have a lot more room, and we can break out the Big Man’s grill. (Sorry Coleman Roadtrip, you’re great and all, but size really does matter.) I’m excited about doing a Low Country boil, ribs on the grill, and tweaking the steaks we cooked for last year’s Christmas party, complete with that yummy gorgonzola cream sauce.  And maybe, if I’m feeling extra dangerous, a bucket turkey and grilled fixin’s.

If you’re looking for chicken wings, you’re in the wrong place.  We don’t eat chicken on game day.  It’s bad luck.

I’m going to use this post as a place to keep track of my ideas and recipe links.  Please comment away if you have any opinions.

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