08th Sep2012

ECU, Meet Bill Cosby

by Jason

Alright, finally!

The first home game of the season against ECU and The Roost is back out on the road. We haven’t done much with her since last season; basically just checked the oil. She’s still dirty from last year and needs a bath desperately.

This was a 12pm game and we left Aiken a little after 8. When we got to Huger Street there was a wreck right before the curve. Traffic was backed up through Olympia all the way the wreck. It took us and hour to get through Olympia and to the stadium only to hit the worst traffic I’ve seen since the losing streak was broken back in 2000. The hold-up at Willy-B was the newly renovated Farmers’ Market (looks awesome, btw). The state troopers were working overtime directing the massive amounts of foot traffic there. It was a mess down there. After we got through, traffic moved like it usually does and we got to the tailgate spot in no time at all.

Once we were set up we got to make our rounds meeting new tailgate neighbors and greeting old friends. The kids were all having fun and we started cooking the food. Claire made pulled pork sandwiches with baked beans.  Stupidly left the corn on the cob at home. We also had Pirate Killers for drinks. What are Pirate Killers?  Same thing as Commodore Killers, just with a different name.  We are creative, yes, we are.   Sadly the heat made us pace ourselves a bit more than we did at Vanderbilt.  Claire also made little Firefly vodka jello shooters in hollowed out lemon cups.  She promises she won’t be doing the lemon cup thing again.

Bob made some new friends.  The man has never met a stranger.  We scalped some tickets off his new friend.  When we asked him his name, he told us he was Bill Cosby.  Bill Cosby!  My hero!  Bill Cosby has invited us to travel in a van with him down to LSU later this season.  I was seriously considering it until I remembered I’m signed up to run in the Ray Tanner Home Run charity 5k that same day.  Bill Cosby, Ray Tanner… So many decisions!

The Roost ran fine, the food was good, the weather was steamy, and it was great to get back to where we belonged.  Looking forward to the next one!

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