07th Sep2011

Design by committee

by Claire



We spent part of today finalizing our plans for the paint.  The sanding is nearly finished and tomorrow we start primer.  So finalizing our plans is kinda important.  We plan on painting the whole thing garnet.  A black stripe of about 2′ wide will run about three-quarters up on both sides with the word “Carolina” written in white.  On the back we will attempt the angry chicken from the block C logo.  On the front above the windshield we will write “The Roost” in white.


Done and done.  Frankly, I’m kind of over debating it and ready to just see the whole thing come together.






The more complicated part is the layout and design of the interior space.  We all have very different ideas about what we want out of our van.  I think we’ve come up with a layout that we all can live with and that meets our needs.  Our needs being, in no particular order

  • storage for big items (tents, tables, chairs) so they don’t slide around while moving
  • storage for little items (knives, batteries, first aid kit, paper plates, etc.)
  • TV
  • ample seating
  • toilet room
  • kitchen area
This is what we’ve come up with:
Thanks to Thomas for drawing it to make it all pretty.
So what are y’alls thoughts?  Are we missing anything essential? Weigh in over on our Facebook page.