Who Is This Doing This?

We’re a group of friends, family, and co-workers who all have a love for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks.  After a few years of “ordinary” tailgating before football games, we had this crazy idea of how to turn our Gamecock tailgates into something extraordinary.  From there, The Roost was hatched.

The stars aligned one day when an electrician associate of ours decided to retire and asked us a favor.  He needed a place to store the 1987 Chevy P30 step van he’d used in his business.  Would we mind keeping it in our secured yard while he found a buyer?  “No problem!” we said.

The longer that van stayed in our yard, the harder it was to deny that it suited our Gamecock tailgating needs perfectly.  The more people who heard the idea, the more impossible the idea became to contain.   Until one day, our electrician friend realized he could stop looking for a buyer.

This blog is a record of us, the van, and what happened next.

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