05th Sep2011

A long way to go

by Claire

I’m writing this the day after the first game of the season against ECU.  As the van’s top speed has been clocked at 57 mph, we’ve decided to not attend away games this year.  Which is a good thing, as the van is far from ready.  Between a crazy summer work schedule, vacations, and keeping our families from forgetting what we look like, the van’s refit progress has been close to zilch.

The only thing we’d done up until last week was remove all the old shelving and cabinets that the previous owner used.  And swept.  Not exactly huge progress.  Right now some of the van’s rougher edges have been bondo’ed, about half the sanding is complete, and we’re planning on having a painting party this weekend while listening to the Georgia game.  Hopefully we’ll have two big reasons to celebrate next Saturday–the Gamecocks pummeling the Dawgs, and one garnet-painted van, ready for tailgating.